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Love, hate and divorce in billionaire’s paradise: The curse of Ol Jogi Ranch

What you need to know:

  • Christina did not like Ol Jogi, too, for she disliked the killing of wildlife under the guise of controlling their population.
  • At 30, she had clinical depression and was now abusing drugs after settling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Nobody seems to know the relationship that existed between Adnan Khashoggi and Jocelyne, or how the two had come to know each other.
  • After the death of Daniel Wildenstein in 2001, Alec inherited half of his father’s business empire, then estimated at $10 billion (Sh1 trillion), including the 60,000-acre Ol Jogi Ranch.

Ol Jogi in Laikipia was the perfect hideout for billionaires, or what the New York Magazine calls “present day Happy Valley Club”. It also was home to the art-dealing dynasty of Daniel Wildenstein, whose fortune included rare works worth billions of dollars dating back four generations.