1. PREMIUM The poor millionaires of Nairobi’s Embakasi Ranching Company

    51 years later no title deeds for owners

    Land grabbing
  2. PREMIUM We were dispossessed of our land, former Juja Sisal Farm workers claim

    Former Embakasi MP, late Muhuri Muchiri, approached workers to bring in directors to make the 5,005-acre parcel profitable

    Embakasi Ranching Company
  3. PREMIUM Juja Sisal Farm: ‘Secret title deed, forced evictions'

    Ministry of Lands aware that there were under dealings on land

    Embakasi land dispute
  4. PREMIUM Getting by ‘on thin air’ in Zimbabwe

    Teachers, nurses, soldiers, and even bureaucrats, have seen their incomes evaporate as inflation soars to triple digits.

  5. PREMIUM In Zimbabwe, deteriorating press and political freedom

    In recent years, there have been numerous reports of violence against journalists, fire-bombings of offices of media outlets, and intrusion by security services.

  6. PREMIUM Mr President, why is Kenatco still under receivership?

    An initial Sh17 million loan has grown to more than Sh1.2 billion

  7. PREMIUM Covid heist: Kemsa CEO points finger at CS Mutahi Kagwe

    Mr Manjari says he received phone calls and SMS from the CS and health PS on what to buy and from where.

  8. PREMIUM Abyssinian crisis reloaded: Internal diplomacy proves elusive in Africa's capital country

    Things appear to have begun to unravel in the nation that survived the colonial scramble for Africa, with reports of killings and destruction of property following a wave of violence.

  9. PREMIUM In Ethiopia, a complex history engulfs the hopes of millions

    Ahmed, argued one analyst, was the choice of the elite in Ethiopia, in an attempt to pacify Oromo sentiments.

  10. PREMIUM How Samburu millionaires became poor

    They bought land and married more wives but they are now broke and depressed. What went wrong?

  11. PREMIUM Lawyer's journey to legal glory for victims of British Army explosives

    Martyn Day helped people get compensation for losing relatives and sustaining serious injuries from explosives left by the British Army.

  12. PREMIUM KDF is winning young souls to kill off Shabaab

    After fighting militants across the border for almost a decade, Kenya is now using the lessons learnt to implement new strategies.

  13. PREMIUM The dilemma facing terror returnees

    Festus Kisinga's body was found rotting in a bush.