This is how Nation comes to you!

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Photo credit: Nation Media Group

Highly desirable and engaging content is the mission Nation journalists have signed on in search of truth and in service to our audiences. We continue to unveil Nation.Africa primarily on your smartphone, but on the tablet and computer too.

Built to fit in your world, Nation.Africa comes with many features to inform and engage our audiences. But more important, Nation is inviting you to add your voice in guiding our newsroom on what stories to chase.

Let me explain eight of the key features in a bit of detail.

  1. We come to you; Talk to us – Feedback to the newsroom is central to us: tell it all to us, things you like, those you don’t, and issues you want us to cover. Our journalists are at hand to listen and we will make your voice count. The feedback button follows you around the site to make it easy to add your voice to our curation process.
  2. An Africa touch to in-depth, breaking and community/local reporting. Africa is a place, but to most people all over the world it’s a way of life. Tell us about the songs of your village and your village in the global songs.
  3. Cleaner user experience to enable reading on the phone. You come to us to find engaging stories and we have a design that enables that story stand out on your mobile. What do you like more about it, tell us here.
  4. Expanded content with many topics for youth and women. We will bring you the stories that make the urban neighbourhoods memorable and socially enriching, but also ways to improve them. We expand our content repertoire beyond the politics to explore information and knowledge that help you grow and nature.
  5. Premium zone – We are your messenger, send us to the hard to reach places, or to unpack the complex. Join this club for a front view to a retinue of exposes and a deep dive into how our world works and runs today.
  6. Know your journalist – With all shades of information chasing your attention everywhere you turn, it helps to know just how far the creator of that message knows the stuff. Nation.Africa let’s you connect more closely with our journalists. Let them know the stories you like, the ones you like less. Give us leads for the stories you find empowering.
  7. Busy? Let the stories you like find you, at your time, pace and convenience. New routes to content, newsletters, podcasts, improved video are being specially curated and constantly improved to fit your world.
  8. It’s a much bigger site, but we try to ensure we all don’t get lost. Each section has a distinct theme to clearly signal your whereabouts.