Wenge Musica band set for reunion show in Kinshasa

JB Mpiana

Congolese musician JB Mpiana.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Arrangements are in place for a major reunion concert for members of the legendary Wenge Musica-4x4 to be held at Stade des Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa on June 30.

The concert, which will be among the highlights during this year’s Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day celebrations, will feature performances by JB Mpiana and Werrason.

This will be a return to joint stage performances ever since the two former band members and later rivals parted company in 1997.

Whereas Mpiana, who had been the long serving band president carried on with Wenge BCBG, Werrason led the splinter Wenge Musica Maison Mere.

The original Wenge Musica popular songs recorded in 1981 include Kin e BougeKalayi Boeing and  Pentagone.

Speaking to the Saturday Nation early this week, Kinshasa-based musician Sedjokha Tshomba said rehearsals for the concert were underway with some Europe-based former Wenge Musica members in the DR Congo.

Among those back home are guitarists Alain Makaba, Didier Masela and Bukina Faso (Mboka Lia). Others are Aimelia, Patient Kusangila, drummer Titina Alcapone and Roberto Enkokota.

Singer Manda Chante and guitarist Fi Carré Mwamba are also teaming up with the rest of the former Wenge Musica members.

Rehearsals are taking place at the Show Buzz in Gombe area of Kinshasa under the coordination of Guinean producer Amadou Diaby.

Bassist Dider Masela was considered the brainchild of the original Wenge Musica, which started off as a college group to excel as one of the top dance bands from the DR Congo. They are expected to perform new and earlier hits.