WANNER: How a trip to the Red Carpet made me buy a travel card

Zukiswa Wanner is a South African journalist and novelist currently living in Nairobi. Photo/FILE

What you need to know:

  • I was paying double for not having a travel card.
  • The distance from where I am staying to where I was going is less than that from South B to Nairobi CBD. Less than a 30 minutes’ walk and I was paying over Sh300? 
  • I am not going to Nakuru, I wanted to tell her.

I have now been in Denmark for a month. Despite the length of time I have been here, I had not bothered with administrative stuff like getting a travel card to allow me to go from place A to place B. Primarily because I have not travelled from Place A to Place B, which is not within walking distance or in other instances, taken by car. The wisdom of getting the travel card escaped me as I have been closed up. What would I need it for? I could always get one just before I start doing trips to a neighbouring town for workshops.


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