The freedom narrative and how George Floyd’s story was born

Photo credit: AFP

What you need to know:

  • The struggle for freedom by black people in the US has been unbroken since they first landed as slaves.
  • In all, George Floyd’s life and death were foretold in the invincible spirit that struggled for liberty from 1609 onwards.
  • Through the American Civil War period to the civil rights movement and the recent illusions by some incurable, if naïve, optimists who talk about a post-racial world.

From the moment the first black people arrived in Virginia in the shackles of slavery, they began to dream about and push for their liberty. This striving for freedom must have begun the minute the black people were abducted on the coasts of Africa and commandeered to the barracoons on the shores of the Atlantic, from where they were shipped to America, via Europe.


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