Lillian Ng’ang’a opens up about motherhood

Lillian Ng’ang’a

Former Machakos County First Lady Lilian Ng'ang'a during the interview with the Saturday Nation in Nairobi on November 5, 2021. 

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Former Machakos first lady Lillian Ng’ang’a has opened up about her experience with motherhood.

Now going by a new name Mama Utheri, Ms Ng’ang’a spoke in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News after welcoming her first child with social activist and entertainer, Juliani,

She said that her experience as a first-time mom has been nothing short of “magical”.

“The experience is beyond what words can explain. It’s magical in that each day brings with it a different kind of joy, gratitude, and an awakening of very deep love. My boy is two months old today and now that he has started smiling, I cannot wait for each sunrise to see his loving smile and his cute big, bright eyes. I am simply in awe,” said Ms Ng’ang’a.

She also divulged that she did not have any expectations about being a mother, but rather welcomes each new day with high anticipation of what it will present.

“I had no expectations. I started this journey on a blank canvas and colouring it each day has been wonderful as there is always something new to experience and appreciate. God chose me out of all billions of us to be this boy’s Mommy so I can only surrender to His guidance. It is always right,” she said.

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