Hamisa Mobetto: Rick Ross and I never dated, but he did slide into my DMs…

Tanzanian Hamisa Mobetto.

Tanzanian Hamisa Mobetto.

Photo credit: Pool

After toying around with the masses for ages about having an affair with American rapper Rick Ross, Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto now says she is setting the record straight.

The mother of two says she has never been romantically involved with the bearded rapper as it has been widely believed for a long time.

“Rick Ross and I are best of friends. We have never been in a love relationship whatsoever…It has never happened,” Hamisa said.

The two caused an online buzz last year when Rick Ross followed back Hamisa on Instagram and the two started having conversations openly.

They later met in Dubai and partied hard, a situation that further fuelled rumours that they were romantically involved. 

With their 'relationship' becoming the talk of the town, the two celebrities played along.

On one of Rick Ross and Hamisa’s Instagram live sessions, the model asked the rapper to answer the “burning question” from many fans who sought to know if the two were dating. In a quick response, Ross said “She is mine”.

“I think Ross noticed whenever he called me babe, Tanzanians would go wild and he decided to toy with that to ignite more excitement. Hamisa is currently ‘seeing someone’ but at the time she was single and didn’t see any harm to goof around,” she said in a recent interview.

Ross got to know Hamisa when she hosted an Instagram interview with Belaire CEO and founder, Brett Berish. The rapper is one of the notable influencers of Berish collection of sparkling wine luxury brands, which includes Luc Belaire, Ace of Spades champagne.

“Berish had been hosting these interviews of random self-made people from across the world. He never knew me; it just happened that my name was among those that were suggested to him of self-made entrepreneurs. When we did the interview, he was so impressed and that’s how I actually landed a job as Belaire influencer,” Hamisa said.

“Ross was streaming the interview and after the session they both followed me back. Rick Ross then slid into my DM and said ‘Hi Hamisa, you were great. I liked how you carried yourself as well as how you expressed yourself’. That’s how our conversation began.”

A few weeks after the interview, she was offered the Belaire influencing job through which she later met up with the iconic rapper in Dubai.

“I had travelled for the Belaire gig and it happened that very same week Rick Ross was set for a club appearance in Dubai. And because I was now a Belaire associate, I was invited. That was the first time he was meeting me and he was so happy to see me. You could tell it from the videos shared,” Hamisa said.

It was then that America’s popular gossip website, The Shade Room, shared videos of Hamisa and Ross enjoying each other’s company at the Dubai club with claims that the two were dating.

“Meeting him (Ross) didn’t feel strange because already we had been talking on the phone and he even informed me of his Dubai trip. That's why I felt comfortable around him. All we did was just a show; nothing went beyond,” she said.

Hamisa added that she was impressed with how Ross and his team were professional in handling her.


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