RUPI: Face-to face-with Omieri

I’m face-to-face with Omieri again. This time though, she’s dead, her long, beautifully patterned body in a special glass case and preserved in ethanol. PHOTO| RUPI MANGAT

What you need to know:

  • During her time, Omieri was regularly given a goat to eat because the people believed that every time she passed (or rather slithered) past their land, it rained.
  • She was a harbinger of good tidings. After her death, there was a drought with the community wanting her body returned.

In 1987 l went to see Omieri the she-python who suddenly shot to fame on account of having being caught in a fire that left her in very bad health. She succumbed to her wounds on June 25, 1987.


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