Mammito: I will introduce my artsy siblings when time comes

Comedian Eunice Njoki aka Mammito.

Comedian Eunice Njoki aka Mammito.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Eunice Wanjiru Njoki might not be a familiar name, but Mammito, her sobriquet, certainly is. Last weekend, the 29-year-old comedian staged her sold-out comedy show ‘Mammito and Girlfriends’.

I had a chance to be whoever I wanted but I chose this. I do what I do, not because I don’t have work but because what I do is work.

With the success of my second show, I’m now leaning towards organising events more than before.

I self-produced Mammito and Friends as well as Mammito and Girlfriends, funding them from my own pocket without a single sponsor, I think I’m ready. But hey, that’s not to mean partnerships and collaborations aren’t welcomed.

My first content creation cheque was Sh100,000 and that was during Covid-19. The field is super rewarding.

In my career as an entertainer, nimeoshwa sana (been duped), so many times that I don’t like discussing the topic. It makes me sick.

Nowadays I don’t do gentlemen’s agreements, if you reach out for a partnership, I insist on signing a contract.

I think the reason we are seeing some of us celebrities going broke despite having done well before is that we lack financial literacy. That’s the problem with money; having it is one thing, understanding it is yet another thing that most of us lack.

It’s more beneficial to an artiste to put together a proper team based on trust and distribute their workload than go it alone.

People should pay for the 20K ticket charges Sauti Sol is asking for their last show rather than complain. It’s not little, neither is it much. I think what people need to understand is that art is work. If you look at their journey and the work they have put over the years to be who and where they are, it's worth every shilling.

My mother has been my number one supporter since day one, she is a blessing I count twice. If I’m to repay her, I don’t think I can afford it.

Yes, I knew from day one, that I’d end up in arts, but not comedy. I thought I’d be a musician because I never stopped hymning since I was little.

By the way, my mother is the funniest between the two of us, and I’m not saying this because she is my mother but because she is very witty.

Why haven’t I shot content with her? Well we have many times, only that she is always behind the camera, but maybe someday, I will get to introduce her to the world.

My siblings, a brother and sister, have also shown great interest in art. I will be introducing them at the right time. They’re still very young at the moment.