I truly love this rich woman but she drinks too much, should I leave her?

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"My problem is, I truly love the woman but she is such a drunk."

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What you need to know:

  • I recently met a woman who has two children, the last one is by a Chinese man
  • My problem is, I truly love the woman but she is such a drunk

Hello, I have three women both having my children. My problem is, I recently met a woman who has two children, the last one is by a Chinese man. Her Chinese husband has left her and gone to China never to come back and this woman is so rich, with six apartments and a good car. My problem is, I truly love the woman but she is such a drunk. She always gives me money for my children and upkeep. Should I leave her or?

David Ruto

Be careful what you are getting yourself into. Run before it's too late. Leave alone those who received 25 stabs or 15 bullets, that drunkard will chop you into pieces. Turn and run for the sake of your children.

Silas Mabani

Your life is in a sorry state. Three different women with your children? And you are on the fourth one in the name of financial support? Like seriously! You need to be man enough and find ways of catering for your children. The kind of life you are in at the moment will lead you to a miserable destiny.  You need to think hard and come out of this slavery.

Rev Geoffrey Avudiko, Senior Pastor Mitume P.A.G Church, Kitale

Quite evidently there is a trauma bond, and you need to be careful. Take the woman and be a man to her. Direct her to do the opposite of what she is currently doing, and with time she will be alright.

Benny Muta

Accept yourself for who you are. You seek women who can take care of you and then you leave them with your seed. Now you think you have hit the jackpot, so hurry up and marry her, then work on ensuring your bedroom and manipulation skills are on point. You know, the downside of being a kept man is that you are so replaceable. The pan in the kitchen has more value than you, so enjoy while it lasts!

Jardine Ayaane

So you mean your children have been starving all this while, and you can't provide for them? Since you have decided to be desperate, kindly enjoy and do what benefits your children.

Ibrahim Oluoch

At face value it seems as if your extended liaison with the rich woman is tripping your conscience, making you feel guilty. But also there are so many variables in your narrative that it is difficult to exactly pinpoint your concerns. Maybe we should start with this question – what exactly do you want?

Drive counseling Centre- Nakuru

When God was creating a man he gave him a sober mind to think. Now, you know your women better than we do. Have you checked whether the house has been built on riparian land? What would the other baby mamas think of this arrangement? Stick to the lanes and ask, what do you love the rich woman for? What you hate her for? Then weigh your options and make your decisions. But don't forget she knows you are a useless boyfriend.

Danny Kimaru


After going through your story, what is clear is that you have a pattern of desire. That desire has led you to have multiple women, which is your personal choice. Your most recent attraction seems to be driven by the financial incentive availed by the woman. Her drinking may not be agreeable to you, but you know she holds all the cards. You are in no position to dictate terms with the fact that she finances you. You know that the choice is ultimately yours on whether to stay or leave her. What is bothering you are the extra benefits of being in her space. The truth is, everything we want will not be packaged as we would hope. Perhaps it is time for self-reflection. Ask yourself what is it that you really want, otherwise you will be trapped in a loop of unnecessary cravings and thrills that do more harm than good.

Maurice Matheka is a relationships expert


My name is Besil and I'm a 28-year-old university student. I've been dating a lady for the last two months and the relationship seems to be so serious, until that day she had a birthday, and things went wrong. During her birthday, I managed to buy her a very expensive cake and flowers as a gift and called her to my hostel for a surprise, she came. Just before we could cut the cake, I asked her if she really loved me and she responded, " No I don't love you, I'm dating another man!" She immediately scrolled her phone and called a man whom I thought could be her boyfriend and asked him to come and pick her up from me. The man came and went with her, leaving me alone in the room with the gifts. I'm thinking of anything to do to her but not getting solved. Now, I'm seriously depressed and psychologically tortured. What should I do to get out of this depression? Please advise.

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Besil Otunga.