A Char-Choma experience in Mombasa

The sumptuous meat platters at char-choma restaurant in Mombasa. Kemzy Kemzy

What you need to know:

  • At Char- Choma, you get fresh and finger-licking dishes, a variety of sitting options, great customer service, a swimming pool, and a kid’s play area
  • The restaurant allows you to customise your own dining experience based on how much you can eat and your taste.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and remarked “Oh my goodness, this food is too much for this price!” Char- Choma restaurant in Mombasa just before White Sands hotel is a game changer on this aspect and this is what impressed me most about the restaurant. 

The restaurant allows you to customise your own dining experience based on how much you can eat and your taste. You walk in, get a variety of raw meat (chicken, beef, lamb and pork) which are weighed per 100 grams from as low as Sh65 depending on the choice of meat. You get to choose whether you want your meat charcoal grilled or oven-baked although at an extra cost. The same goes to the sides like fried rice, potato wedges, sauté, fries, ugali, etc. My go-to meal was the pork chops, pork rashers, potato wedges and kachumbari. All meals are freshly prepared on order and are super tasty. 

A Char-Choma experience in Mombasa. Photo | Kemzy Kemzy

Minimal waste and happy tummies is Char-Choma for you. The ambience compliments the dining experience as it is mainly a sea-view restaurant that offers different sitting experiences. The inside feels warm, laid back, has high ceilings and eclectic décor that brings the space to life. It is also quite spacious and private. The top deck doubles up as the bar area and the atmosphere shouts “can-we-grab-a-drink on a Sunday afternoon?”. It is beautifully furnished with low white and grey seats and one rocking seat at the corner.

Then, there is the outdoor space - the patio and the tents by the beach, where you get to bask in the sun, enjoy the soft touches of the ocean breeze on your face and the grains of sand on the feet as you enjoy your Nyama Choma. An early (late) evening will give you a view of the sun sinking into horizon of the ocean, with a cotton candy view of the sky.

The children’s play area and an open air swimming pool is fitted with slides and swings to satisfy the curiosity of the kids, besides building sand castles on the beach. Actually, the swimming pool is the first feature you will notice as you walk into the restaurant. 

All with the picturesque view of the Indian Ocean. These features make it a restaurant to seek out for, when in Mombasa.

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