How to deal with childhood trauma

Your article on how to help children affected by traumatic experiences was quite educative. I now feel capable of helping a young relative who has signs of depression. (READ: Traumatic stress in children: Can you spot the signs?)



Thank you for an informative read last week. This is information that every parent and teacher should have.

Amos Njoroge


Last week’s feature on how to identify a child suffering from traumatic stress disorder and how to help them was a great piece for us in education and human rights and social justice.



I enjoyed Josaya’s piece last week, talking about Pudd’ng’s voracious appetite. Now that she is eating just about everything, restrict some foods, especially snacks, to avoid unhealthy weight gain. (READ: Somebody please tame baby girl’s appetite!)

Centimetre Metre


Josaya should tell me which brand of appetite boosters he is giving Pudd’ng because mine do not seem to work. I have a three-year-old who despises food so much that when he sees a plate of food coming his way, he feigns a stomachache or pretends he is about to vomit after just a few bites. It is so frustrating. What comforts me is the fact that the doctor told me that his appetite will improve as he grows older. I cannot wait.

Emma Ruoya


Last week’s nutrition article about what your stool colour says about the state of your health was very insightful. Thank you, and keep educating us. (READ: Pay attention to colour)

Ken Kinuthia


Until I read this article, I never paid any attention to my hmm… bowel movements. Who would have thought that colour alone would say so much?

Mary MK


I refer to Asunta’s column last week. You did not have to have lost a loved one for what happened at the Westgate Mall to affect you. I am a mother and just like Asunta, I grieved with the mothers whose children died under the hateful terrorists’ bullets. I pray that we will never have to go through such terrible pain again. (READ: I grieve with all the mothers that lost their children)

Zubeida H


I watched what was happening at Westgate from afar, but I am yet to get over what happened, even though I do not know anyone who died in the attack. I pray that all those who lost loved ones will take heart and that time will wash away their sorrow.

Anthony Kariuki