Wherever you may be Rumona, hurry home

Two days after the marathon, Fiolina began wondering where Rumona could be. ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGAH | NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • She asked me about the car — since Fiolina had said she had not seen the car — but I told her that one of his friends had driven the car to Nairobi.
  • Knowing how emotional Ford usually becomes, and considering he walks around with a gun, I am just praying that no one will be injured.

For those of you who remember, although we were driven to the Kakamega Marathon venue by Pius, who was seated in front with the beautiful Rumona, holding hands, we never came back with the two.

In fact, the last time I saw the two was when they overtook me at 3.2km.

After the marathon, Fiolina says that they waited for me for quite some time, but since I took too long to come, they drove away.

And so, although we had left Mwisho wa Lami together with Rumona, we went back without her.

It was not a big deal when we got back, for no one asked where Rumona was.

You see, her children, when schools closed, had travelled to Shimo la Tewa prison to be with their father, leaving beautiful Rumona home alone, answerable to no one.


It is only after two days that Fiolina wondered where Rumona could be.

“Huyu Mlamwa kwani alienda wapi? Amekupigia simu?” she asked. I told Fiolina that beautiful Rumona had not called me.

“She is an adult and knows what she is doing,” I said. When she added that it would be quite bad if Rumona had eloped with Pius, I told her that it was not our problem. “Pilipili usiola yakuwashia ni?”

But I knew things were getting interesting when Nimo, Pius’s wife who comes from Murang’a, called me last Thursday. She wanted to speak to Pius.

“I was talking to him earlier but his phone died because of lack of charge, and he asked that I speak to him through your phone,” she said.

Of course Pius was not at home. But being a man, I knew exactly what to say.

“I was with him about an hour ago. Right now, I am not at home but I will let you speak to him when I get back home.” She asked what he was doing at home. “Amekaa sana,” she commented.


I told him that he was running his own errands. “I know he has been looking for land to buy and we visited one piece yesterday,” I said.

She was quite happy to hear that. “Good to hear that his eyes have finally opened.” I quickly ended the call, not wanting to provide more information.

I tried calling Pius unsuccessfully. I also called beautiful Rumona several times but she would disconnect my calls.

I forgot about that matter and went on with my business. As you know, with the kids away, Fiolina and I have been enjoying life.

After supper, Fiolina prepared tea and groundnuts to be taken before sleeping.

We were leisurely taking the tea and talking when my phone started ringing incessantly. It was Nimo.

I ignored all her calls and texted her to say I would call her as soon as I got home.


Immediately, Fiolina received a call. “Yes, Mlamwa, habari ya Syokimau,” were the first words she said.

I did not need calculator to know the person she was talking to, Nimo.

“Ehe, mimi sijaona Pius tangu siku ya marathon,” I heard her say. “Tulikimbia tu vizuri lakini kutoka hapo nafikiria Pius alirudi Nairobi.”

I made a sign to her not to say a lot but she just kept saying. Upset with me, she gave me the phone.

“Sisi tuko hapa na Dre unaweza muongelesha,” she said. “Sorry mlamwa,” I started. “Ndio nimefika tu, nataka kwenda kwa Pius ndio muongee na yeye.”

She said that Fiolina had told her that Pius was not around, but I told her that Fiolina did not know for I had been with Pius even that morning.

“I think he doesn’t want people to know he is looking for land,” I said. Nimo agreed with me.

She asked me about the car — since Fiolina had said she had not seen the car — but I told her that one of his friends had driven the car to Nairobi. “Oh OK,” she said.

“If you get him let me talk to him this evening, or if not tomorrow morning,” she said, before adding: “Hata sio mimi nataka kuongea na yeye, ni watoto.”


I managed to talk to Pius a few minutes later. He told me that he was in a workshop in Nakuru, but I wondered why he hadn’t told me. “Ni simu ilizima,” he said weakly.

When I told him what I had told his wife Nimo, and what Fiolina had told her, he was shocked but said he would handle it.

“Huyu mama ni kiherehere tupu; I told her I will call her.” Interestingly, as soon as I finished talking with Pius, beautiful Rumona called me.

“Mlamwa, nasikia hujamaliza marathon?” she said when I picked the call. We laughed about it. She asked me about home, and I told her that all was well.

“I came to visit my sister in Kisumu,” she volunteered before I asked. And added that now that the children were away with their father, it was her time to enjoy.

“Wakirudi si unajua nitakuwa nimerudi jela?” she also encouraged Fiolina and I to enjoy life with the kids away.

“You only have two weeks.” As I was talking to Rumona, Pius had called and was speaking to Fiolina.

Immediately after this, Rumona called Fiolina. Fiolina swore that she heard Pius speak in the background as she spoke to Rumona.

“These people are together," she concluded. I told her not to make any conclusions, for we had no evidence.


To avoid further trouble, Fiolina and I resolved to avoid calls from the four. And we have been doing well. Until on Saturday.

I received a call from an unknown number. It was after I picked that I realised that it was my brother Ford.

“Have you seen Rumona?” he asked, after complaining that I had been ignoring his calls. I told him that I had seen her that morning as she went to fetch water from the river. I had not.

“Tell her that I am on my way coming. I will arrive tomorrow morning,” he said. I tried calling beautiful Rumona since then, but she has been ignoring my calls.

Even Fiolina’s calls to Rumona went unanswered. I don’t know what will happen, but knowing how emotional Ford usually becomes, and considering he walks around with a gun, I am just praying that no one will be injured. Wherever you are Rumona, please come back!