OUT&ABOUT: Deep in wonderful wilderness of the Aberdare Ranges

The Prince Charles Campsite in the Aberdares. PHOTO | JAN FOX

What you need to know:

  • A large male leopard suddenly emerged from a bush beside us, and strode purposefully up the road.
  • He gave the buffalo a wide birth, who eyed him suspiciously, but was still reluctant to heave himself off the ground.
  • The leopard continued along the track for a few hundred metres, and we inched forward behind him.
  • Every now and again he paused to scent mark a bush or a tree, by rubbing up against it and cocking up his tail to spray it with urine.

We followed a dusty two-track in the forested salient of the Aberdares. Thick patches of striking purple Vernonia shrubs bulged into the road, and twisted white tree trunks punctuated a sea of deep green on the hillsides.


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