Mineral-water spa at gates of hell

Olkaria spa bath under construction. Though you can access the spa from the park’s western gate, next to the Olkaria plants, it’s easiest to come in through the main gate from the Moi South Road. You have to pay park fees to get to the spa anyway, so it’s worth exploring the park first, whether it’s on a bike or in a car. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • I suppose it’s more renowned for its spectacular landscape, with its isolated rock formations and tall cliffs, which make it easy to imagine that you’re traversing an ancient river bed.
  • Cycling to the spa is no easy feat though, because the last stretch to Olkaria at the end of the dirt road is a long, steep ascent. At least, if you do choose to cycle, it gives you more time to appreciate the sweeping views of the park, and a relaxing dip in the geothermal pool is a fitting reward.
  • According to hydrotherapy experts, sitting in the water for just 20 minutes has therapeutic benefits for the central nervous system, and the muscle relaxation it causes is especially good for those with arthritis. Apparently sulphur is also good for the skin.

‘Welcome to Hell!’ – was the familiar phrase that greeted us as we drove through the Elsa Gate to the Hell’s Gate National Park.


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