Man, with this baggage, you’ve already lost her


The veteran politician is said to be trying so much to get the woman back but he is scared that the breakup could leak to the public and embarrass him and his family.

Photo credit: Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

You thought you were in a great relationship, and were imagining a great future together. But then she suddenly upped and left. And you didn’t see it coming.

So what did you do wrong?

It’s always been the girls who set the pace in relationships, and they have much higher standards these days. They keep a close watch on how you treat them, and move on pretty quickly if you don’t meet their expectations.

So maybe you took too long deciding to make her your only girl. Because if you’re still playing the field when she’s started thinking of you two as an item, then there’s going to be trouble. Next time, watch how your girlfriend’s viewing your relationship, and if she’s beginning to think monogamy, you’d better be thinking that way too.

Perhaps your finances are basically flaky? Because a girlfriend needs to see you succeeding in life. No girl has room in her life for a guy who’s not making it.

Or maybe you just weren’t paying her enough attention. If you’re spending way too much time on other stuff, then your girlfriend will be unhappy. Even if you really are doing whatever it is that you say you’re doing.

Perhaps you were putting other people before her? A girlfriend needs to feel she’s your number one. So if she isn’t the centre of your world, you can be sure that she’ll start thinking about moving on.

Or maybe she felt the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Couples must keep moving forward or they drift apart. So if you're hanging back, she’ll start looking around.

Perhaps you have way too much baggage? Psycho ex? Meddling mother? Antisocial kids? Vile relatives? Crazy friends? If other people are causing problems in your relationship, sort them out. In fact, if you’re falling out over anything, whatever it is, fix it. Because if your life’s full of issues, your girlfriend will start wondering whether you have a long term future together.

And it doesn’t matter how nice you are to her if you don’t deliver the kind of love she wants. So put her intimate needs first. Figure out what pleases her, ask her what she needs, and make sure she’s getting it.

And don’t even think about getting heavy with her. Even if you’re ‘only’ being emotionally abusive or controlling, she’ll give up on you sooner or later. No matter how much she loves you. So, whatever the issues are in your relationship that cause your temper to rise, find ways to solve them calmly.

And last but not least, if you’ve cheated on her and she takes you back, don’t imagine that you can slip back into your womanising ways. So behave perfectly in future. Or for sure she’ll go.

Maybe you believe that your girlfriend could never ever leave you. Well, you’re wrong. You must treat her right, behave right, and succeed in life. Because if you don’t, she’ll soon go.