Home Engineer: Must your children be religious? 

What happens then if you as parents are not religious or even more complex where one of you is religious while the other is not?

Photo credit: Fotosearch

What you need to know:

  • Taking it a notch higher, what if you are now not religious yet your initial upbringing was one rooted in religion?
  • This dilemma leads us to feel morally obligated to somehow introduce our children to a religion for the sole purpose of inoculating them with faith.
  • Faith which in turn breeds ethics and morality. But, does it always?

It’s a peaceful Sunday morning and you are finally getting some of that much needed extra shut-eye after a week that seemed as long as a month. Suddenly, the silence is broken by the neighbour’s children who are miserably protesting as their parents usher them off to church. They don’t want to go; they would rather spend one day a week in bed. But their parents, it seems, believe they’re acting out of moral necessity. Introducing them to religion ensures they are brought up as ‘good children’ not to mention remaining relevant in the societal structures we all seem to identify with and belong to in today’s world. 


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