Sharing is not always caring 

Sleeping couple

While it is almost unnatural not to share a bedroom when you are married, it is quite the stretch to share some personal items.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

What you need to know:

  • Socks are not for sharing, though I like to wear his socks when I have my knee-length boots on.
  • Reading glasses and earphones are not for sharing, please.

I read about this elderly couple that agreed to have separate bedrooms because they could never enjoy a good night’s sleep in the same bed. The husband has a serious snoring problem, and the wife is the kind that tosses around the bed the entire night. After years of sleep deprivation, one day the wife took an overnight trip to visit their daughter. It was then that they both discovered the joy of an uninterrupted full night’s sleep. I know what you are thinking. Do not worry, they figured that one out as well. Who says that can only happen in bed at night anyway?


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