How I pamper Lola, my treasured Maltese

Genevieve Wasonga with her pet Lola.

Genevieve Wasonga with her pet Lola before heading out to see a vet.

Photo credit: Pool

Lola can easily pass for Nairobi’s most pampered pet. Her pawrent, Genevieve Wasonga spares nothing when it comes to the small fluffy white Maltese dog.

Lola has her grooming done monthly. She gets a good fur trim, gets her nails clipped, her teeth brushed and the tear marks and ears cleaned. She is also given a scented bath that leaves her smelling amazing for about two to three weeks.

Genevieve lives in an apartment and that means limited space for Lola to spend her energy. Thankfully, she found a great dog daycare where Lola gets to run around with other pets. This social interaction has helped the dog stay fit, alert and generally happy.

When it comes to diet, Lola often shares in the family meals – a boiled, unsalted version of it. She also drinks lots of water.

Lola has a best friend called Luna. They often hang out together in either of their parent’s homes and will be found tugging each other’s tails or napping together. When outside, they share a love-hate relationship with cats and you will find them snarling and chasing after cats who cross their way.

So, how did Lola and Genevieve meet?

“Lola was gifted to me one year ago, I was going through a difficult time in my life. She can read my emotions, she knows when I am tired, happy and when I need space. During walks, she knows I cannot walk very fast or far and so she never tugs the leash. When she is off leash, she walks a few steps then turns back to see how far behind I am and waits for me.”

Before getting the pet, Genevieve did not know a thing about taking care of a Maltese. She was forced to learn on the go and says she found pet stores and vet clinics quite resourceful. She got tips on the best leash for her dog, what toys to get it, the type of dog food to buy and so forth. She plans on getting another dog in future, a female one, to keep Lola company.

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