Go with the flow on Valentine’s Day


A man and woman in love.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Look, do not overthink it. Which reminds me, someone got greatly offended when I told them not to overthink an issue.

Anyway, simplify your life, go with the flow, and do not fight Valentine’s Day. So, what if it is greatly commercialised?

Let Mwangi of flowers make a fortune on February 14. This might be his equivalent of winning a government tender, an extraordinary fortune. Let the guy finally deliver his promise of a bicycle to his son. Consider it your contribution towards making the day of a little boy and his daddy.

Valentine’s Day is about romance and love. Doesn’t the Holy book say that love is everything? That whatever we think, do, or say should be shrouded in love? When it comes to marriage, love will, as the Bible says, ‘cover a multitude of sins.’

Listen, your spouse shall forget your lacklustre romantic gestures in the last year when you overdo it over the valentine. Love demonstrated shall blind them to your ‘sins’ of last year. We shall blame Covid -19, like our debtors have done if you did not meet the romance quota.

Your wife needs to feel your love

Husbands, if you have ears, hear; whatever your wife may tell you, the one thing that she needs the most from you, her husband, is to feel your love. The assurance that you have eyes only for her – fine, you notice other fine stuff, but work with me here – that your heart is fully invested in her is the number one reason that she will stick with you through the valleys and the lows of life.

She will stand by you, rain, or shine when you demonstrate your love for her through word and deed. The opposite applies too. I do not need to elaborate on how a scorned woman’s wrath can start wars and stop clocks.

But this is the month of love, so let us focus on that. Fine, you do love her, but this is the day that the heavens and earth have set aside for you to display your love unapologetically and publicly. I shall repeat. Do not let the day go to waste with your unromantic logic.

I am specifically addressing the sons of Eve because, for a woman, we are biologically created as nurturers. We find it easy to feed, fret over and pamper the apple of our eye. We readily demonstrate love and vulnerability. We shall dress up all in red and go all in. Do not be the wet blanket.

I saw a petition from the fictitious Stingy Men Association (SMA) calling for a lockdown over the Valentine weekend. Shindwe! If you want peace for the rest of the year, pray for wisdom and distance yourself from SMA. Do not heed the philosophers with their overthinking. Why spare one day for a public display of affection? Why buy her red roses? Why take her on a special date?

They are misleading you; they do not wish you well. Do you want to spend the rest of the year begging for conjugal rights because you created an ice queen with your dismissive attitude towards Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t you somewhat be overwhelmed by her overzealous boudoir efforts?

Did you know that a happy heart reduces cardiac arrests? That is a scientific fact. Go on, ask your doctor, and focus on getting your happiness. The stresses of life will always be there, but on this one day, open your heart and express and receive some love.

As for the ladies…

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, so it is assumed that the day shall be reserved for flower deliveries and evening dates, meaning offices should be flooded with red roses and perfumed cards inscribed with sweet nothings. There should be a petition to have Monday 14th declared a public holiday. If that does not happen, block the evening for each other. Romance is worth celebrating.

Ladies, no man shall protest too much when you make a demonstration of affection. As a member of the Romance Thrives in Marriage (RTM) club, I purposely demonstrate my affection through all the possible romantic gestures I can conjure up.

If this is not doubly reciprocated, it shall be his loss to deal with. They say that a wife reflects her husband. You can tell a loved-up wife by how she glows. You can tell a man who demonstrates his love to his woman by how fast his prayers are answered. Cheers to romance, to love, to answered prayers!

Karimi is a wife who believes in marriage. [email protected]