The Dish: It’s all about whisky this week 

This was a Penicillin, which is basically a whisky sour with a dehydrated pineapple slice. Sweetness is added from honey, or maple syrup,or whatever you want to play with.

Photo credit: Abigail Arunga

What you need to know:

  • If you’re wondering why the spelling of whisky is without an ‘e’ in this case, it’s because Scottish whisky is traditionally spelt without an ‘e’.
  • The history behind this is longer than this article has space for, but in short, to impress your friends, that’s the quickest way to know it’s not from Scotland (or Canada).

It’s World Whisky Week! In my opinion, it’s the week, as opposed to the day, which is usually commemorated on the third Saturday of each May, a tradition that started in 2012. That Saturday is May 15, for this month. And yes, we certainly do know that all holidays are secretly an excuse to make you buy something or go somewhere, but who doesn’t want an excuse to drink whisky? As if we need one!


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