A guide to supporting your partner through Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a common challenge among new mothers

Postpartum depression is a common challenge among new mothers.

What you need to know:

  • Postpartum depression is a condition characterised by symptoms that include problems bonding with the child, loss of appetite, insomnia, and high levels of irritability.
  • According to clinical psychologist Joseph Njue,  certain factors such as the possibility of raising the child alone, unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, financial instability, or lack of social support during pregnancy increase the risk of postpartum depression.

“How long does postpartum depression last?” asked popular blogger Wanja Kavengi on social media. What followed was a heartbreaking confession about her struggle with postpartum depression. “I have never established a connection with my eight-year-old son. I was depressed throughout his pregnancy; I didn't want him. I was depressed after his birth; I didn't want him. I was depressed while raising him; I didn't want him. He felt like a bother, like a burden, like an unwanted guest in my house, a painful thorn under my sole. I wasn't able to love him like a parent should love their child,” she said. Wanja concluded by saying that she was tired of hurting her son. “I ignored him from the day he was born. I have been unkind to him, treated everyone else kindly, but been mean to him. I have kept a great distance from him. He does not even call me ‘mum’ anymore. I don’t love my son and I’m tired of hurting him,” she said.


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