What should I do to make my wife let me access her phone?

woman holding a phone
You say that she may be hiding information from you. This might be true – but she may be innocent and simply locking her phone because you are locking yours

What you need to know:

  • Marriage feels safest when there is full transparency from both partners.

Q: I have been married for nine years. My main problem is my wife’s phone, which she won’t let me access. She has locked it with a password, which I have tried to ask her to unlock, but she won’t. Is she hiding something? I have a password on my phone because of the sensitive work documents I have in it – and as you know, the husband is the head of the home. She is my wife; she shouldn’t have that password in the first place. What should I do to make her let me have access to her phone? We had an argument over this and it is creating distance between us.


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