My ex-girlfriend stalked my friends and wouldn't stop when I confronted her

woman holding binoculars
She is looking for attention from you and she seems sure that she will get it every time she stalks your friends.

What you need to know:

  • Giving her stalking behavior any attention will only confirm her belief that it is working.

Q: I was in a relationship for three years before I broke up with my girlfriend. It took me three months to move on and I started dating another girl. However, this relationship did not end well. She started stalking my female friends and would threaten them whenever they talked to me. I discussed the issue with her a couple of times but she still went on. To make matters worse, she started even stalking my male friends. Consequently, I started losing friends, especially the female ones, and this bugged me so much. Last Sunday, I talked to her mum about the matter because she knew about our relationship; but this only added fuel to the fire because the girl has not been talking to me since then. She no longer takes my calls or replies to my text messages. I now regret talking to her mum. What should I do?


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