Dorcas Chebet

Dorcas Chebet, 26, who was shot and killed by her police husband.

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Kiminini murder-suicide: police pursue new theory after autopsy

The murder-suicide involving a police couple in Trans Nzoia County has taken a new twist after a postmortem revealed that it was the man who killed his wife before taking his own life, and not the other way round.

The autopsy, conducted by pathologist Dr Dennis Nanyingi, showed that it was Constable Abel Andari, 25, who fired the three gunshots that took the life of his wife, Constable Dorcas Chebet, and his own.

The bullet entry point in his chest, the report says, was surrounded by four partially burnt patterns and dark spots, indicating the G3 muzzle flashpoints.

“It means he raised the gun upward in an inclined position pointing while pressing hard to his chest before pulling the trigger,” the pathologist explained.

Mr Andari had two broken ribs and ruptured lungs.

Ms Chebet had reportedly travelled from her Kiminini Police Station to her husband’s Kiungani police post to pick up her phone that he had allegedly snatched from her on suspicion that she was having an affair.

She had two visible bullet entry points, one in the nose and the other in her lower lip.

The bullet that entered through the lower lip damaged the lower cheekbone, breaking it into three.

The second bullet that entered through the nose was retrieved from the back of her head.

It caused extensive damage to the skull, which was cracked and broken into four different parts, the report seen by the Nation shows.

New police theory

A bullet head was found in the wall on the side of Mr Andari’s house, where his body lay parallel to that of his wife.

Abel Andati

Police constable Abel Andati, 25, who shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself after a domestic disagreement.

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The autopsy confirmed the new police theory that it was, in fact, the man who shot his wife twice, before turning the gun on himself.

Sara Chebet (Constable Chebet’s sister) said she called her at around 11.23am while in her husband’s house.

“My sister informed me that she was at her husband’s place and that he had locked the door from inside using a padlock,” she told the Nation.

“She told me to inform our dad what was happening… The next call was around 11.31am, which lasted some seconds and the line was cut off.”

Worried, Sarah quickly contacted another officer at the station, who tried in vain to reach the police officer.

It turned out that they were both dead, lying in Mr Andari’s house. 

Trans Nzoia County Criminal Investigation Officer Francis Kihara said investigations were underway and a full report would be provided.

“The postmortem report is out but (investigations continue),” Mr Kihara said.

On Monday, the families of the police officers were briefed about the incident at the Kiminini Police Station.

“We have lost a breadwinner, a young man who had a bright future who served in the police service diligently. As a family we are at loss,” said Mr Joseph Nyakundi, 65, the father of Mr Andari.

The family hails from Bosamaro Chache location, Ikobe sub-location, in Nyamira.

A meeting, he said, had been held between the two families.

“We jointly agreed to take care of the children. The firstborn will go with the father’s family while the girl will remain with the mother’s family,” Mr Nyakundi said.

Funeral arrangements were underway, he said, and Ms Chebet will be buried first.