Puzzle of missing female nurse in love triangle that ended Nyamira teacher's life

Nkeere Gitangwa

Mr Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, 47, whose mutilated body was found hidden in a Nyamira nurse's house on January 1, 2022

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She has been described as someone who rushed to the police to report people who allegedly wronged her, but most of her cases never got concluded.

At one time, she accused a Nyamira County Executive of failing to pay child upkeep in what police say may have been false claims by the woman.

Investigations by the Nation have revealed that last year, the nurse flew to Botswana where she had allegedly gone to work.

For about a year, she did not work at the Nyamusi Health centre in Nyamira County where she was stationed then.

It is not clear why, when and how she came back to Kenya, but she resumed her work and was posted to Nyamaiya Health Centre, her current station.

“She has very many scandals. There was a time she claimed that a minister in the Nyamira County Government failed in his parental responsibilities. But we realised it was a lie,” said a detective familiar with the ongoing investigations.

The nurse, whom police are treating as the main suspect in the murder of a 47-year-old teacher, is still at large with sleuths claiming that on the day officers broke into her house, she had told some people that she was headed to Nyamira police station to report rape allegations.

The puzzle of the missing female nurse at the centre of a love triangle that ended the life of the Nyamira teacher continues, even as police say they are still searching for her.

The mutilated body of Mr Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, a head teacher at Getengereirie Primary School in Nyamira County, was found in the house belonging to the nurse on Sunday.

The Nation cannot name her for legal reasons.

Police say they are investigating the whereabouts of the nurse together with her National Youth Service (NYS) officer boyfriend.

A Member of Nyamira County Assembly and a policeman who are reported to be frequent visitors to the home of the nurse are also persons of interest to the police.

Not a one-man thing

“We suspect the killing of the teacher was not a one-man thing,” said the investigator.

Besides the love triangle and money angle, police are also investigating a land deal between the female suspect and the deceased teacher.

But the arrest of the suspect will help unravel the motive behind the heinous murder.

However, preliminary investigations indicate that thousands of shillings were withdrawn from the teacher's phone during his last hours alive.

“There are claims that the lady had given out money, running into millions, for purchase of land, but she did not get the land or her money back,” said an investigator.

The teacher may have been lured to his death, police said.

Walked into a trap

Nyamira South Sub County Criminal Investigations Officer Paul Makonge on Monday said they were trying to establish whether Mr Nkeere walked into a trap and who else could have been involved in his murder.

“We wanted to confirm whether the teacher voluntarily took himself there, we established that he called a boda boda rider who took him there,” said Mr Makonge.

On December 30, 2022, the same day the teacher went missing, neighbours heard some commotion from the compound, alleged the late teacher’s brother James Maganda.

“When we asked neighbours there, they said that there was somebody who was beaten in that house. He was saying: ‘You my brothers, why do you want to kill me? Why do you call me to come and kill me?  I was going to church. Why do you call me to kill me?’,” said Mr Maganda.

He said his brother’s death was brutal as his body had been dismembered.

“It was cut into pieces,” said Mr Maganda.

Mr John Ondari, a neighbour, told reporters, “People heard the voice of a man pleading for mercy: ‘Please help me, kindly forgive me, we are one people, we can talk over this’.

Mr Nkeere, 47, went missing on December 30, 2022, before his body was found hidden in a room used for poultry keeping. The body was covered with a carpet.

Police had to break into the house of the Nyamaiya Health Centre-based nurse to access the body. The health worker was not in the house.