Nandi MCAs barred from taking photos of confidential papers

Nandi County's Finance executive Alfred Lagat is pictured outside the assembly on June 18, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Nandi ward reps have been banned from taking photos of confidential documents belonging to the county government.

This comes in the wake of accusation that they posted the pictures on social media.

Nandi Finance Executive Alfred Lagat said the leaders would only be allowed to read them without taking pictures or making copies of the documents.

Mr Lagat said some of the documents had been leaked to social media and WhatsApp forums by MCAs.

“The county government had already sent informed the MCAs they would not be allowed to take pictures or make photocopies for confidential government documents anymore," he said.

The CEC had recently complained about the circulation of confidential information on social media saying it was against the law.

The CEC dismissed accusations from members of the county assembly who have been blaming him for declining to provide information regarding funding of projects under various ministries.

"The members who will be allowed to read the documents will be accompanied by two county staff members. This will ensure important documents do not find their way into the social media,” he added.

A number of MCAs recently vented the frustrations accusing the county executive of denying them access to crucial documents required to effective play their oversight role.

Education Committee Chairman Emmanuel Mengich said they will oppose any attempt to stop them from getting access to the county documents saying the Finance CEC's directive was illegal.

"These are public documents. We should no be told how we should access them. We will oppose this attempt to gag members," he said.