Covid-19: Nandi Governor Stephen Sang to take pay cut

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang during a press conference at the county's headquarters in Kapsabet on June 28, 2019. He said that he will take a 30 per cent pay cut. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • He made the announcement after holding a meeting with senior officials in his administration who will also take a pay cut.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and his deputy Yulita Cheruiyot on Monday said that they would be taking 30 per cent pay cut in March and April.

The money, he said, will be channelled to the newly established County Emergency Fund for fighting against the new coronavirus.

The county boss made the announcement after holding a meeting with his executives and County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka.

“The county leadership has agreed to take pay cuts for the months of March and April with myself and the deputy governor taking a 30 per cent cut; the county secretary, the county executive committee members and the chief officers will take a 25 per cent cut for the same period,” he said while addressing the press outside his office in Kapsabet.

The county, like others across the country, has been preparing for a possible Covid-19 outbreak by establishing isolation wards and buying necessary equipment to handle the disease.

So far, 16 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the country, although none have been recorded in the devolved unit.

“The resultant amount will be channeled into the Emergency Fund Account to enable us procure additional and urgently needed medical supplies and items in response to the emergency at hand,” added the governor.

The county has been operating on almost dry county coffers after the National Treasury denied it funds for failing to clear pending bills amounting to billions of shillings.

The governor, however, thanked the senior county workers for accepting to have their salaries slashed for the Fund.

He also praised the county MCAs for passing a by-law that enabled the setting up of the Fund.

“We are grateful to the MCAs for approving the Nandi County Emergency Fund Act in a record time last week. This paves the way for the county to seek funds which shall be managed from the Emergency Fund in order to adequately respond to such emergencies,” he said.

The governor also ordered medical staff on study leave to report to work within 24 hours after their studies were put on hold by the universities due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He also asked other health workers on leave to resume work immediately.

The governor also said residents yet to clear water bills would not be disconnected.

“Users are however strongly advised to regularise their accounts with the company to avoid incurring huge penalties resulting from non-payment,” he added.

Mr Olaka said several bar owners had their licences cancelled yesterday after they were found ignoring directive from the Health Ministry to close bars.

“The security officials will arrest bar owners found breaking rules which government has put in place. Matatu operators are also warned not to exploit passengers,” he said.