Governor Sakaja: I'm a believer, I'll not shut down noisy churches

Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi City County Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Photo credit: Pool

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has finally broken his silence on how he will deal with noise emanating from churches and mosques in estates.

The governor said that as a believer, he will not move around the county closing the places of worship, but instead, he will initiate dialogue with them.

Governor Sakaja said that the church and other places of worship are where people understand the law, urging them to also do what the law provides.

“We are going to have a conversation also with the churches that please let us be considerate of others, and that is how you spread the gospel by being a good example. Of course siwezi enda kufunga kanisa. Hiyo sitafanya (I won’t do that) because I’m a believer and I will not touch a place of worship, whether it’s a mosque, a church or a synagogue but we are urging them to set an example and be responsible,” Governor Sakaja said.

Long-distance vehicles

At the same time, the governor said that he will not change his tune about noisy bars and clubs operating close to the residential areas.

He spoke on Thursday at the Nairobi Green Park Terminus where he oversaw the relocation of long-distance vehicles from the CBD.

The governor said that the children will now have peace of mind to sleep without the disturbance of loud music from the clubs.

“Let’s take care of our young people, let the children sleep in the estates. We have cancelled all the nightclub licenses in the estates and they will continue to operate as bars and restaurants, not as nightclubs,” he added.

On the issue of unemployment that will arise from the closure of a section of clubs, the governor urged them to follow the law and no one will close their places of entertainment.

"The CBD, Industrial Area, Woodvale Groove in Westlands, those will be entertainment hotspots that you yourselves will enjoy," he said.

The governor has further reached out to all the nightclub owners in Nairobi to support his move towards a city of order, whereby the CBD will be the place for playing such loud music.


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