Court detains 6 accused of helping Paul Mackenzie plan Shakahola killings

Mackenzie’s 'fast enforcers' were armed: Court told

Six people believed to be cult leader Paul Mackenzie's followers have been detained five days as detectives investigate their role in the Shakahola mass killings.

Smart Mwakalama, Lucas Owino, Zablon Atanda , Daniel Makori, John Mark Kiara and Fredrick Kirimi have been remanded at the Mtwapa police station in Mombasa County. 

A court heard on Thursday that preliminary investigations revealed the six were among people armed with crude weapons to ensure that 20 victims starved to death as they watched.

"Preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspects, together with pastor Mackenzie, conspired and planned the killing of more than 98 people."

Shanzu Chief Magistrate Joe Omido allowed the application for the detention of the six and directed that they be served with a copy of the law allowing their detention.

The suspects are being investigated under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, meaning they are likely to face terror-related charges