Mwangaza: I will not show up for 'flawed impeachment’ proceedings

Kawira Mwangaza

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza. She has launched a grassroots campaign to solidify her support as MCAs plan to impeach her.

Photo credit: David Muchui | Nation Media Group

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza has said she will not set foot at the county assembly today as MCAs decide on her impeachment.

The governor is expected to appear in person or through her lawyers in the assembly to counter the accusations during debate.

The impeachment motion by Abogeta West MCA Dennis Kiogora, who is also the minority whip, is set to be tabled, debated and voted on today, if the high court in Meru does not intervene. 

Ms Mwangaza filed a petition in court last week seeking to have the assembly barred from debating her impeachment.

Justice Thripisa Cherere is expected to give a ruling today morning. 

But speaking at Kathatene in Igembe Central during her last round of Budget validation forum on Tuesday, governor Mwangaza dared the MCAs to vote for her impeachment to the last man. 

"They are now threatening to kick me out of office. If that is the plan, I declare that they will go before me. I will not go to the assembly because I will be busy meeting the people," she said amid 'Bado mapambano' chants.

Governor Mwangaza claimed that the accusations made against her were not founded on any evidence. 

She maintained that she was not afraid of the impeachment since her office is founded on the constitution.

"The office of the governor is not established through a piece of paper so that you discard it at your whims. It is unheard of to impeach a governor after just two months in office. What have I done?" the governor posed.

Ms Mwangaza blamed the impeachment on her refusal to establish a ward fund.

"We were not elected to be cowards. They cannot remove me from office. I will guard the resources of Meru with all my ability. I will make Meru a model county in terms of development," she said.

Ms Mwangaza said she has done all she could to engage the MCAs but they turned against her. 

The governor added that the United Democratic Alliance Party (UDA) chairman Johnstone Muthama had tried to resolve the impasse but MCAs refused to honor his request.

"I want to thank Mr Muthama for trying to intervene but the MCAs said they cannot meet without MPs. I cannot beg them on my knees if they do not want to work with me," she said. 

The governor further appealed to the MCAs to work with her in her meetings around the county. 

Ms Mwangaza is facing impeachment for various accusations of gross violation of the constitution, gross violation of various national and county laws, abuse of office and gross misconduct.