Governor Mwangaza Kawira accuses Meru Speaker Ayub Bundi of fanning assembly row

Kawira Mwangaza

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Photo credit: David Muchui | Nation Media Group

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has accused Speaker Ayub Bundi of fanning the conflict between her and the Members of the County Assembly.

The governor, who has since said her doors are open to all leaders, hit out at Mr Bundi for taking part in protests by ward reps.

She spoke during the burial of outgoing Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya's uncle Joseph M'Rukunga on Saturday. The governor accused the MCAs of advancing unrealistic demands. 

Also present were Speaker Bundi, Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi, Dan Kiili (Igembe Central) and several MCAs.

Governor Mwangaza said that when she met MCAs after their election, the issue of ward fund was addressed.

"I formed a WhatsApp group that included the MCAs and the deputy governor. We discuss some of the issues in this forum," she said.

She added that the ward fund issue is being used as a cover-up for political witch hunt.

"While in Mombasa, I met the MCAs but I declined to have dinner with them. However, I am ready to clean the mess," she said.

The governor said she had met the Speaker more than 10 times and also met the House leadership to discuss the concerns raised by the ward representatives.

"I had planned to address the issues raised about ward fund and bursaries in the assembly but the MCAs walked out on me," she said.

She added, "The Speaker should be a neutral arbiter. It is a big shame, he should stop misleading the MCAs."

The governor also accused her political detractors of planning a meeting with MCAs to resolve the conflict without involving her.

However, the meeting that was to bring together MCAs and MPs was cancelled.

"We have greedy and selfish leaders hiding under the ward fund, their focus on kickbacks. I will not kneel before Ayub Bundi or the MCAs. I will fix Meru County," she said.

Speaker Bundi had earlier told the governor that the MCAs were interested in knowing how she intended to address the issues of ward fund.

"We have no problem with you other than the ward fund which has been there in the previous regimes," Mr Bundi said.

MPs Aburi and Kiili called on CS Munya to mediate between the governor and the MCAs before things get out of hand.

Mr Aburi also distanced himself from the row between the governor and the MCAs.

"I campaigned for Governor Kawira, I have nothing against her and I am not at war with anyone. We do not want any divisions in Meru. The MCAs should sit and agree with the governor," Mr Aburi said.

Mr Kiili said the conflict was likely to stall development in the county. 

"We call on CS Peter Munya to intervene and mediate this conflict. He is the only neutral person who can be respected by both sides," Igembe Central MP Dan Kiili said.

Mr Munya downplayed the dispute saying it was normal for politicians to feud.

"This is a small misunderstanding. I believe reason and dialogue will carry the day," Mr Munya said.