MP Chachu Ganya concedes defeat in Marsabit governor’s race

Chachu Ganya

Marsabit governor candidate Francis Ganya, (centre) and Woman Rep candidate Gedhia Mamo during a press briefing in Marsabit town on August 13, 2022. They challenged governor-elect Mohamud Ali to help end conflicts in the county.

Photo credit: Jacob Walter I Nation Media Group

Marsabit governorship loser Chachu Ganya has conceded defeat and asked governor-elect Mohamud Ali to help end conflicts in the county.

Speaking at his home in Marsabit town, Mr Ganya said as a ‘civilized person with decorum and candor’ who cherished democracy, he would not impose himself on the electorates against their wishes.

“I take this chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the residents across the county who voted for us, in as much as we lost the battle. In every race, there is always a winner and loser. We accept the outcome and move on,” Mr Ganya said.

Mr Ganya who is North Horr MP called on Mr Ali to help end ethnic animosity and bloodbath witnessed in the county during his first term.

He linked the conflicts that hit the county leading to a security operation and dusk to dawn curfew to local leaders.

Mr Ganya challenged Mr Ali to ensure transparency, integrity, sound policy, accountability, lawfulness, participation, responsiveness and zero corruption and malpractices in the county

The MP called for proper use of Sh9 billion allocated to the county by the National Treasury for equitable share.

He also called for equity and equality in the resource allocation and hiring of county.

Mr Ali of UDM trounced his closest opponent after garnering 38,803 votes against Mr Ganya’s (KANU) who got 28,279 votes.

KANU senatorial candidate Sheikh Adan Selle called for an end of corruption in the county.

Sheikh Selle challenged senator elect Mohammed Chute to keep Ali’s administration in strict check to ensure that public funds were used for the intended purposes.

Sheikh Selle garnered 23,206 votes compared to Chute’s (UDA) 41,760 votes.

KANU Woman Rep candidate Gedhia Mamo called for nomination of more women to the county assembly as all the MCAs elected from 20 wards were men.

She also vouched for more women to be appointed to the devolved unit’s posts.

“We would wish to see governor Ali’s administration appointing more women in various posts and also nominating more women to the county assembly,” Ms Mamo said.