‘It hurts’: Woman murdered by married KDF lover had sent SOS on Facebook

Murdered woman

Ms Immaculate Mwende Mwirigi was killed by her boyfriend identified as Mr Emmanuel Walugu Onyango.

Photo credit: Courtesy

The woman who was recently shot dead by her Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) lover in Nanyuki once suggested in a Facebook post that all was not well.

Ms Immaculate Mwende Mwirigi was killed by her boyfriend identified as Mr Emmanuel Walugu Onyango.

Mr Onyango is said to have arrived home and sprayed his lover with bullets, killing her instantly before turning the gun on himself.

Scrutiny of her Facebook account shows how Ms Mwende loved Mr Onyango and always uploaded his photos.

Their relationship dates to as early 2021 when the duo is reported to have met on the outskirts of Nanyuki town.

Photo credit: Courtesy

However, Mr Onyango had a family and lived with his wife, a fact that Ms Mwende knew so well.

On October 11, 2021, Ms Mwende changed her profile picture and put that of Mr Onyango who is seen wearing a black t-shirt and trousers.

On the same day, she also shared a post on the same Facebook account indicating she was hurt because she realised that she was not as important as she had been thinking.

“It hurts when you realise you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were,” she posted on her Facebook account.

Moments later, she uploaded another photo of the deceased officer on Facebook and placed it as the cover photo.

Green belt

Mr Onyango wore a grey t-shirt, a green belt, and sunglasses.

It is on the same day that Ms Mwende reportedly told her friends she was in love but stopped short of identifying the lucky man.

On Friday, Mr Onyango excused himself from home after taking supper saying he had a lot of debts and wanted to clear them.

A police report seen by Nation shows that Mr Onyango shot himself while dressed in full military combat on the chin using an AK-47 rifle.

This is after he had sprayed Ms Mwende with bullets in what police believe to be a case of love gone sour.

“Mr Onyango shot himself on the chin and the bullet exited through the back of his head. The body of the woman was also lying in a pool of blood,” the police said in the report.

The matter was reported by one area resident who called the police saying that she had heard a gunshot near her neighbor’s house.

According to Laikipia County Criminal Investigation Officer (CCIO) Mr Onesmus Towett, police officers rushed to the scene but found the door of the house locked from the inside.

The officers were then forced to break into the house where they found the two bodies lying on the floor.

They rushed Mr Onyango to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“The officer was on duty just before the incident took place, he then went ahead and asked for permission to go for supper at 6pm during which he went to meet Ms Mwirigi,” said Mr Towett.