Angry villagers in Kisii lynch man who raped, then killed his mother

Crime in Kisii

A man accused of raping his mother before he strangled her to death with a wire was on December 13, 2020 lynched by angry villagers in Kisii.

Photo credit: File | Ntion Media Group

A man accused of raping his mother before he strangled her to death with a wire has been lynched by angry villagers who spotted him in Mogonga township, Kisii County on Sunday evening.

James Muma, 22, is alleged to have killed his mother on Saturday in Bokimonge village, Kenyenya Sub-County over a land dispute.

Kenyenya Sub-County Police Commander Philip Oyugi said the suspect had been at large until Sunday when he was spotted by locals.

They attacked him with crude weapons, but security officers who got wind of the attack rushed to rescue him from the angry mob.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment but succumbed to the injuries inflicted on him.

“He died while receiving treatment at a nearby hospital,” said Mr Oyugi.

Ms Teresia Okindo, 53, was strangled after she declined to give in to the suspect’s demands that she sells part of their family land and give him the money to buy a motorcycle.

The suspect went into hiding after committing the heinous crime that left residents in shock.

Police have been searching for him since he committed the offence.

Martha Nyanchera, a sister of the suspect, said his brother has been threatening to kill their mother if she did not sell their land and give him money to purchase a motorbike.

Ms Nyanchera said that their mother did not consider it wise to sell the family land as her brother was demanding.

“On the fateful day, the suspect, who is a known bhang smoker and chang’aa consumer, vowed to teach our mother a lesson,” said Ms Nyanchera.

She added, “My brother went ahead to strangle my mother with a wire and ran away from home, telling people he met along the way that he had killed our mother and that they could go and witness it for themselves.”