You are on your own, Knut tells sex-pest teachers

Knut Secretary General Collins Oyuu ( right) is received by the Kirinyaga Knut branch Executive Secretary Mwangi Kanaiyu ( left) at Kerugoya town.He lashed out at sex pest teachers, and vowed that the union will not defend them.Photo/ GEORGE MUNENE

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Collins Oyuu on Saturday, October 30, 2023 lashed out at  sex pest teachers and vowed that the union will not defend them.

He stressed that it was evil for teachers to seduce and defile school girls.

Speaking at Kerugoya town during the Annual General Meeting for Kirinyaga Knut branch, Mr Oyuu told teachers to let the girls learn and complete their education without interferences.

" Teachers who are so evil should leave our children alone. They should approach adults instead of destroying the lives of the young girls," he said.

Mr Oyuu directed Knut branch officials  across the country to ensure that teachers don't have sex with their pupils.

"We shall not defend or support teachers involved in immoral activities in school, teachers should not have sexual relationship with their students,"  he said amid applause.

He observed that defilement of school girls was a serious issue and the union would not tolerate it.

"As a Secretary General, I don't want to hear anything to do with carnal knowledge in schools, teachers are fathers and mothers and they should not mess up with our children," he said.

"School girls are not wives or girlfriends, they are learners and they should be treated well," he said adding that it was a shame for teachers to be interdicted over defilement of the young ones.

At the same- time Mr Oyuu criticised the Kenya National Examination Council ( Knec)  for taking too long to pay teachers who invigilate national examinations.

He said teachers should be paid immediately after the exams are conclusively conducted.

Mr Oyuu said the union was keen and would not allow Knec to continue delaying payments for teachers.

" This time we shall not sit back and watch as our teachers continue to suffer, they should be paid their rightful dues as soon as the exams are done and marked," he said.

He asked the government to consider paying  some money to teachers who are sacked over various offences to make them survive.

" Teachers who are fired should not go home empty-handed, they should be paid for the years they have worked so that they can continue earning a good living," he said.

The Kirinyaga Knut branch executive Secretary Mr Mwangi Kanaiyu declared that the union will continue fighting for the welfare of the teachers.

" We want teachers to enjoy good working conditions and we shall not give up the struggle," he said.