House help mauled to death by employer’s dog in Malindi

A Boerboel dog

A Boerboel dog. A 39-year-old woman died on January 24, 2022 after she was attacked by her employer's Boerboel dog in Moriema, Malindi.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

A 39-year-old woman died on Monday after she was attacked by her employer's dog in Moriema, Malindi town.

According to a police report, Ms Roselyn Nafuna had opened the door leading to the porch as she went about her house chores when she was attacked by the Boerboel dog.

The matter was reported to the police by the owner of the house where she was working.

"She was attacked by the dog, a South African Boerboel famed for its well-developed muscles and a strong bone structure," the DCI tweeted.

John Siria, a night guard on duty at the home, said he heard the woman in distress screaming from the back of the house.


Before the attack, Mr Siria is quoted in the police report as having warned Ms Nafuna from getting out of the house as she was new at her workplace (She had only worked for one week) and a stranger to the dogs.

On hearing the woman’s screams, he rushed to the back of the house and restrained the dog before helping Ms Nafuna, who was lying on the floor bleeding.

He rescued her by spraying water on the dog using a pipe and supported her to sit on the floor. He left her after she assured him that she felt fine.

But Ms Nafula's lifeless body would later be found at the scene by the day guard, Anthony Katana, when he reported to work.

Detectives based in Malindi, who were among the first responders to the incident, established that the body had multiple wounds believed to be dog bites.

The body was moved to Star Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem as detectives launched investigations into the incident.