Victor KIbet, 23, was kidnapped from a social joint in Thika by people who introduced themselves as police officers.
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Victor Bett: A jobless Jkuat graduate, 4 luxury cars and a mysterious abduction

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Victor KIbet, 23, was kidnapped from a social joint in Thika by people who introduced themselves as police officers.

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At 23, Victor Bett, a 2023 Bachelor of Commerce graduate, has all the hallmarks of what many budding entrepreneurs and recent graduates consider success.

He owns a 2023 pearl white Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4matic, an Audi Q5, a Toyota Mark X that he recently sold and a Subaru Forester that he loves to drive over the weekend.

To his father Paul Mutai, his son is a shrewd businessman with a knack for business and the best opportunities, although he cannot say exactly what his son does for a living.

But in a turn of events, Mr Bett was abducted on Monday afternoon this week in Juja Sub-county, Kiambu, by people posing as police officers.
His abduction was recorded at Juja Police Station under OB number 74/19/3/24 at 6:58pm.

Mr Bett graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Jkuat) main campus last year with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

"My son told me he had started a business with other friends, but he never told me which one. We used to support each other financially. Sadly, he is missing and I am on my way to Nairobi from Narok to find out what has happened," Mr Mutai told on the phone.

Like any parent, he sounded distressed and his tone was that of a parent torn between hope and despair.

The people who Kidnapped Mr Mutai's son took him from an entertainment joint where he was playing pool and bundled him into a waiting Subaru car, followed by a double-cab pick-up.

"Those who took him away identified themselves as police officers. They were armed. We went to Thika Police Station, Juja, Ruiru, Central Police Station but at all these stations we were told that he was not booked there," a family friend who did not want to be quoted told

Mr Bett loved to show off his success on social media, especially on TikTok, where he posted videos of his flashy lifestyle, either driving his Mercedes-Benz or visiting a palatial home he was helping his father build in their rural village in Narok.

"We supported each other financially and he is a very generous son whose life was starting to take shape until he was abducted on Monday. I wonder why anyone would want to abduct or harm my son. I have not slept since I was informed that he was missing and I pray that wherever he is, he is safe," said Mr Mutai.

Juja sub-county police commander Michael Mwaura confirmed that a kidnapping report had been lodged at the station and said investigations had begun.