Man slashes sister-in-law to death in Homa Bay

Homa Bay femicide

Residents torched the house of a suspect accused of murdering his sister-in-law over claims the deceased had a hand in the squabbles that led to his wife abandoning him. The man is on the run.

A man slashed his sister-in-law to death with a machete in Rachuonyo South Sub-county, Homa Bay County, accusing her of sending his wife away.

The 20-year-old suspect from Koriu Village in Kasimba Sub-Location had complained that his sister-in-law had asked his wife to abandon him two months ago.

The suspect is reported to have viciously slashed Rose Atieno, chopping off her left hand in the attack before fleeing the home.

Rachuonyo South Sub-County Police Commander Lilies Wachira said Atieno died from excessive bleeding.

“The case has been reported to police and necessary action taken. The suspect is still on the run but our officers are on his trail,” she said.

Ms Wachira said relatives of the woman were taking care of her two children, a four-month-old baby and an eight-year-old.

Angry residents set on fire the suspect’s house to avenge the murder of the woman.

Neighbours said the suspect had accused the woman of having a hand in the squabbles that led to his wife abandoning him.

Atieno married the suspect’s brother six months ago but she had been having disagreements with her brother-in-law, leading to the attack.

The suspect is reported to have waited until Atieno's husband had gone to work before he attacked the woman.

He went to her home armed with a machete and confronted the woman.

Before she could raise alarm, he slashed and chopped off her left hand with the machete and left her bleeding profusely.

Her body was taken to the Rachuonyo South Sub-county hospital mortuary.