Husband, car missing as wife is found dead in bedroom

Harrison Mutisya Muiva and wife Faith Mueni.

Harrison Mutisya Muiva and wife Faith Mueni. Ms Mueni's body was found at her husband's home in Machakos lying in a pool of blood.

They had supper together at her husband's home in Kalama, Machakos County, and retired to bed.

By 9am, the couple had not yet showed up for breakfast at their parents' house, as was the norm whenever they visited from Nairobi.

At 10am, the mother went to check on her son and daughter-in-law but the door was locked from outside, with a padlock hanging on it.

Faith Mueni's car was also missing from the compound where she had parked it with her husband Harrison Mutisya Muiva, 43, and their four-year-old daughter.

The child, who had spent the night in a separate room, was watching TV in the sitting room, waiting for mummy to wake up, but unknown to her, mummy would never wake up.

Fearing the worst, Mr Muiva’s father opened the door to his son's bedroom using a spare key, only to be confronted by the cold corpse of Ms Mueni, 35. She was lying in a pool of blood with her throat partially slit, right hand cut in several places and head with deep panga cuts.

The gruesome murder has sent shockwaves across Kikumbo village, with family and friends at a loss about what happened to the otherwise peaceful young couple.

Five days later, the suspected murderer is still at large and the car he is suspected to have fled in is still missing.

Faith Mueni's brother Moses Musyoka and cousin Newton Muinde

Deceased Faith Mueni's brother Moses Musyoka(Right)and cousin Newton Muinde look at the postmortem report as they issued a press briefing in Machakos on March 30,2022.They called on the police to speed up investigations into the murder of Ms Faith Mueni and arrest the suspect

Photo credit: Stephen Muthini | Nation Media Group

Ms Mueni’s family is getting impatient about the progress of police investigations and has urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to bring the suspect to book.

"My sister and her husband spent the night at her husband's home and that morning Harrison could not be found. We want to know where he is and what happened,” said Ms Mueni's brother Moses Musyoka

“We want justice for our sister. The matter was reported at the Konza Police Station and Machakos DCIO. We have not heard anything from them since and we request the government to speed up investigations."

Mr Musyoka was with his cousin Newton Muinde and their spouses when they spoke to reporters in Machakos.

Mr Muiva’s father Richard Mutisya, recounting the events preceding the fateful Friday night, said there were no apparent differences between the couple and that they looked joyful as they ate supper together.

He said that after supper, the family discussed a building project that Mr Muiva was to oversee the following day and the latter asked whether there was a need to call someone to deliver more cement to the site. They agreed to arrange delivery in the morning. They parted and the couple went to sleep. That was the last time father saw his son and daughter-in-law, until she was found dead.

Machakos DCIO Simon Waithaka said they had received the report on the killing from the area assistant chief.

Ms Mueni was an auditor with Kenya Railways while Mr Muiva is an auditor at Bosco Paints in Nairobi.

Mr Waithaka said that police had found the murder weapon, a Panga, in the toilet.

"Unfortunately the husband was missing. He is on the run and this made the police suspect that he could be the one who did it," Mr Waithaka said.

He appealed to the public to provide any information that could help police arrest the suspect.