Why wait for eight months to harvest fish when you can do it at four?

Jason Hammond (right) Machakos' Kamuthanga Fish Farm's general manager and an employee in the farm display part of their day's fish harvest. In the farm, they breed, rear and sell fish at all stages; from fingerlings to adult tilapia, selling about 70 tonnes of adult tilapia and thousands of fingerings annually. PHOTO | RACHEL KIBUI | NMG

What you need to know:

  • Fish starts from eggs, then larval, fries, juvenile and adult.
  • Inside the hatchery, there are fingerlings of different ages, some of them so tiny that they look like mosquito larval.
  • The technology involves keeping fish under a roof, with lighting provided by some translucent iron sheets.
  • This process ensures the system is clean and the fish has no residues that could have been in feeds.

As one travels along the Machakos-Kangundo Road, they can’t help but marvel at the green scenery on the farms.


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