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  1. Lucy Kiruthu: Why the world needs more mergers and acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions have helped many global businesses, such as Unilever, grow.

    Mergers and acquisitions
  2. Sarah Najmudin: The greatest decision I made was to employ myself

    Ms Najmudin sells 100 per cent natural lactation powder—safe for mum and baby—that helps increase breast milk.

    Sarah Najmudin Bhaijee
  3. Lucy Kiruthu: Why talent search and nurturing should top firms’ priority

    In the workplace, the term talent is not very commonly used.

    Alice Wacera
  4. Evelyne Ogutu: Mentors crucial to career growth, you can’t lean on yourself

    Ms Ogutu believes in giving back to the society for the prosperity and continuity of future generations.

    Evelyne Ogutu
  5. Charles Muchangi: We are products of all that we perform repeatedly

    I owe my career growth to honesty, punctuality, discipline and being a stickler for detail and people skills.

    Charles Muchangi
  6. Jackson Muli: Exploit strengths to grow, plan well for retirement 

    I have learnt that celebrating small wins somehow provides a pathway to greater victories.

    Jackson Muli
  7. Safaricom special projects chief retires

    Lawyer Stephen Kiptinness has been named as Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.

  8. Mutinda: Every opportunity is a chance for professional upskilling

    Lucy Mutinda is a mechanical engineer specialising in onsite waste water treatment and recycling; founder & CEO of Ecocycle Ltd.

    Lucy Wanjiku Mutinda
  9. Mbugua: Every small step made counts on the road to success

    Brian Boro Mbugua is an assistant superintendent at the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) dispatch centre

    Brian Boro Mbugua
  10. Keya: No overnight success in anything, we must be patient, resilient

    Jael Keya is the continental Editor-In-Chief at African Real Estate Blog Post.

    Jael Keya.


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