Enhance your property value while lowering energy costs with Sun King’s solar inverters

Photo credit: Sun King

Are your electricity bills skyrocketing? Are you looking to enhance the value of your home or business? Sun King’s tried-and-tested solar inverters provide seamless, clean, and cost-effective energy solutions round the clock.

Sun King is an international company that designs, distributes, installs, and finances solar energy solutions. The company is exhibiting at the Nation Media Group’s 254 Realty and Homes Expo on September 29 and 30 at KICC Nairobi, to introduce homeowners and real estate professionals to its expanding range of solar inverters.

The inverters present a dependable and cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity sources, offering a unique avenue to add value to properties.

Sun King’s hybrid inverters can be connected to two sources of electricity: Solar panels, and, when available, the electrical grid.

The inverters can power appliances directly or charge a zero-maintenance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, which reduces households’ energy costs and provides an uninterrupted power supply. The battery is designed to last 10 years. The product’s three-year warranty offers customers the peace of mind.

Solar inverters, along with Sun King’s broader product range, are available at the company’s 127 retail locations spanning all 47 counties in the country. Additionally, Sun King offers pay-as-you-go financing options for all its products. Payments can be conveniently made via mobile money or in cash, starting from as little as Ksh15,525 a month.

With one in five Kenyans using Sun King’s products and maintaining 1,000 employees and 9,000 active field agents in the country, Sun King has a well-established presence in the Kenyan energy sector. The company has developed a range of flexible, modular, and ever-more powerful solar systems to cater for Kenyan consumers’ diverse energy needs and help push down energy costs.

“In the face of increasing electricity bills, families, and businesses must identify long-term solutions. Our solar inverters offer a stable and sustainable way to manage your energy needs. Now is a prudent time to think about energy security for your home or business, safeguarding against current and potential future electricity bill increases," says Sun King’s Vice-President for East and Southern Africa, Victor Agandi.

In light of the increase in electricity bills nationwide, Sun King’s solar inverters offer a timely reprieve. By harnessing solar energy, these inverters can significantly reduce reliance on the grid and lowering or eliminating monthly energy bills for homes and businesses. Further, the pay-as-you-go financing options make the initial investment manageable, accelerating the time it takes to realise these savings and allowing customers to take home an inverter after leaving just a small deposit.

“The convenience is unmatched. The Sun King Solar Inverter is so reliable that my neighbours even come to my house to charge their phones because they know I always have power," says Margaret Bulima, a Sun King Solar Inverter customer in Bungoma.

Don’t let the rising energy costs deplete your finances. Take the first step towards a sustainable, value-added future with Sun King's Solar Inverters.

For more information and personalised consultation, reach out to Sun King today. You can reach by emailing them at  [email protected], or through its Facebook page (Sun King Kenya), or by phone:+254 709 474 474.