NMG partners with Goodwall to reach Africa’s young audiences

Goodwall will offer the tech and overall product, link to non-Africa partners and create the content framework.

Photo credit: Pool I Nation Media Group

Nation Media Group (NMG) has partnered with Goodwall (GW), a social platform for professional development to tap its expertise in reaching and engaging young audiences on digital platforms.  

The agreement seeks to provide opportunities for young Africans to access learning and earning opportunities. 

The partnership aims to provide solutions to Africa youth employment by creating digital content that inspires young people to stretch themselves, build the right skills that are valuable to employers and their peers, showcase their talents and find actual jobs, internships or remote assignments.

These are important issues that need to be addressed since Africa will constitute the world’s largest workforce by 2035, mostly below 25-year-old and mostly without the right skills, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The African youth need to be equipped for the future of work and also be empowered to find the right kind of work. Digital content will prepare young people for the current and future job market.

The agreement will create a content platform for African youth where they can acquire skills, find opportunities, connect to like-minded youth and showcase professional achievements.

"As an organisation, we have built key competencies in creating content targeted at different audiences. This partnership with Goodwall enables us to exploit this strength to educate and engage generation Z, who are more likely to consume their content on social and digital platforms" said Monicah Ndung'u, NMG's Chief Operating Officer 

NMG will be the media partner to help in content development, localisation of the content and distribution in Africa. NMG will also link to local corporates and governments for collaboration.

Goodwall will offer the tech and overall product, link to non-Africa partners and create the content framework.

They will also link NMG to their network of over 2 million young people on the platform.

Goodwall Head of Strategy, Tiago Cunha, said the partnership will help the company understand the content needs of the Africa audience.

“We decided to partner with Nation Media Group because of its extensive reach and credibility in East Africa, and the fact that NMG has experience in creating valuable content for the continent. I am excited for the impact we will create together in 2023,” said Mr Tiago. 

In the current campaign dubbed #ZenZone, young people are asked to submit a one-minute video on the Goodwall app sharing some of the tips and strategies they use to prioritise their mental health and think positively. Eight winners will be selected from the submissions and each will take home $150.

Each campaign will run for one month and there will be about 100 winners by the end of 2023.

To participate in the challenge, go to Goodwall and choose the # to the challenge that is live.