Kenya Meat Expo 2024: Visit Jarvis for modern slaughtering and meat processing equipment

The team that runs Jarvis Products Kenya.

By Evans Ongwae

Jarvis Products Kenya is back at the Kenya Meat Expo and Conference this year, currently going on in Nairobi until June 14, 2024. The quality slaughtering and meat processing equipment dealer impressed during its maiden appearance at the expo last year.

Marketing manager, Ms Stella Gituire, says they look forward to welcoming more visitors to its stand than last year. “The turnout at our stand on the second and third days of the expo was overwhelming,” Ms Gituire notes, with the firm impressed by the attendance. She adds that a good number of the visitors ended up buying meat processing equipment.

A subsidiary of Jarvis Products Corporation, the local outfit is riding high on the quality, reliability and durability of the branded slaughtering and meat processing equipment it distributes.

The corporation, in operation for more than 100 years, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of slaughtering and meat processing equipment, both large and small-scale.

Jarvis Products Kenya started operating in the country in April 2022. Slightly more than two years later, its products have become well known and have been bought by abattoirs and butcheries alike.

In no small way, the firm’s campaign to educate users on how to effectively and safely use its equipment is contributing to the awareness of the products. “We serve the meat industry at large,” says Ms Gituire.

Jarvis Products Kenya serves the cattle, poultry, pig, sheep, and goats sub-sectors, right from slaughtering meat, all the way to value addition. The range of equipment distributed by the firm is used in meat processing (for example, in mincing meat, making bacon and sausages, among other processes).

Additionally, the firm manufactures packaging equipment, as well as personal protective kits for the meat and food industries.

Jarvis Products Kenya Slaughtering and Meat Processing Equipment

Jarvis Products Kenya serves other countries in East and Central Africa as well: Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

“We have plans to enter other markets in Western and Northern Africa,” says the marketing manager. She explains that the southern part of the continent is served by a subsidiary based in South Africa.

Ms Gituire says the meat industry benefits from Jarvis Products’ innovation. She cites humane slaughter, exemplified by the use of stunning guns, as a major contribution by the firm to the industry.

She adds: “Hygiene is another area where we are making a contribution. We are also helping the industry to improve efficiency, especially through value addition.”

Safety in meat processing is yet another issue the firm is helping the industry to address. Ms Gituire explains that Jarvis Products are manufactured to global standards.

The company is working with 20 abattoirs and butcheries across the counties. “Kenyans are receptive to our innovation,” she says.

After installing slaughtering and meat processing equipment, Jarvis Products’ engineers train abattoir and butchery staff who are tasked with operations.

Ms Gituire says the training is bearing fruit. For example, in butcheries, better use of bone saws ensures that the cut meat does not contain small fragments of bones that irritate consumers.