A quick course or two you will find worth considering

By Evans Ongwae

Practical skills make a big difference in different situations. You may consider acquiring such skills for career advancement or use during life-threatening emergencies.

You could be an executive keen to sharpen your management skills to help your organisation achieve its goals.

You may want to ensure members of your family or your domestic workers are trained adequately to respond to emergencies, including fire outbreaks or accidents.

You could be among people who want to acquire first aid skills to enable you to save lives when disaster strikes so that you don’t watch helplessly at accident sites.

You could be an oil tanker driver who wants to be equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to transport fuel safely. In addition, you want to know how to respond appropriately should disaster strike.

Maybe you are a young person with aspirations to train in a practical course that can give you job opportunities. You attained a C- or D grade in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination (KCSE). You are wondering whether you can build a successful career with that grade. For example, if you are considering a welding course, know this is possible.

Where can you go for the different kinds of training already cited?

Contact Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas (MIOG), which offers diverse courses you will find worth considering.

Morendat is a training institution owned by Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC). It specialises in capacity building in the oil and gas sector. It is registered and accredited locally and internationally to enhance the employability of its graduates.

Here are the fields it covers:

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters strike when least expected, requiring skills in preparing, managing, and mitigating them.

Firefighting and Safety

Morendat offers specialised firefighting and safety courses. The skills acquired can help to save lives during fire incidents or accidents.

Occupational Safety and Health

If you are a member of your organisation's Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Committee, Morendat is ideal for OSH training, enabling you to learn your roles and responsibilities.

First Aid

A five-day first aid training at Morendat will equip you with life-saving skills. Should you find yourself in a situation where first aid is needed, you will know how to help the affected.

Incident Command Systems

During accidents, people with the knowledge and skills to coordinate rescue or first aid can make a big difference. Aware of such a need, Morendat offers a three-day Incident Command Systems training to equip you with appropriate skills to manage any accident or incident.

Workplace Safety, Health and Environment

Workplaces are prone to accidents and incidents that can cause injury or death to employees or threaten businesses. Morendat offers a five-day course in Workplace Safety, Health, and Environment Management to equip managers or those responsible with skills to maintain workplace safety.  

Incident and Accident Investigation and Reporting

A five-day training course on Incident and Accident Investigation and Reporting at Morendat Institute supports the organisation’s endeavour to ensure it operates in a safe environment.

Petroleum Tanker Drivers Safety and Defensive Driving

If you are a petrol tanker driver eager for safe and defence driving skills, Morendat has the right training. For only three days, you will be equipped with invaluable safe and defensive driving skills. The training curriculum is endorsed by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA). 

Construction Health and Safety Management

Is your organisation well-equipped to handle and respond to any emergencies at the construction sites? To ensure compliance with construction safety regulations, enrol your staff at Morendat Institute for upskilling in construction health and safety management.

Petroleum Products Transportation

Understanding the causes, effects, and prevention of accidents while transporting refined petroleum products can significantly reduce individuals' and communities' vulnerability to pervasive hazards. Morendat Institute offers Petroleum Products Handling and Transportation Safety training.

Welding and Fabrication

Did you know that Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas offers a diploma and certificate in welding and fabrication? With entry-mean grades of C- and D, you can become a qualified welder. 

Diploma in Oil & Gas Economics

At Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas, we desire to bridge the knowledge gap in the Oil and Gas subsectors by offering a Diploma in Oil and Gas Economics in partnership with Turkana University.

Likewise, if you possess a mean grade of C- in KCSE, you qualify for a Diploma in Petroleum Management or Analytical Chemistry Technology. The three-year training is certified by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (TVET CDACC).

Oil and Gas Agreements

Effective management of mid and downstream petroleum operations requires a thorough understanding of various petroleum agreements. This knowledge is vital if all parties are to easily meet their obligations. Morendat Institute offers training in Understanding Oil and Gas Contracts.

Domestic hazards

Domestic hazards can strike any home at unexpected times. Register your domestic staff or family members for this one-day online course to learn how to identify and mitigate accidents and incidents at home that may cause harm, injury, or even death to your loved ones.

Management courses

At Morendat Institute, corporate executives and staff can undertake various short courses, including Coaching and Mentorship, Leadership Management, Supervisory Skills Management, and Effective Communication and Report Writing.

Oil & Gas Operations

Correct and accurate understanding of the Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Operations (upstream, midstream, and downstream), Custody Transfer and Flow Measurements, and Quality Measurement Instruments are a must-knowledge for both aspiring and existing industry players.


Morendat prides itself in a vibrant consultancy arm backed by KPC’s 50 years of experience in pipeline operations and maintenance. The consultancy services offered range from storage facility design and construction to the operations of white oil pipelines, gain and loss management, fire safety audits, annual statutory fire risk assessments, and environmental audits, among others.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Can you weld? Can you repair motor vehicles? Can you perform electrical installation yet you do not have certificates to get contracts or jobs locally and abroad? Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas runs Prior Learning Recognition (RPL) programmes and offer relevant certification.


AtMorendat Institute of Oil and Gas prides in a vibrant research and innovation arm that addresses contemporary challenges and advances knowledge in oil and gas, green energy, and climate change. To publish in The African Journal of Energy, Engineering & Training, the only journal domiciled in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, contact Morendat.


Did you know that Morendat offers top hospitality services? The Morendat Training and Conference Centre, located in the heart of the Great Rift Valley on Moi North Lake Road, offers a serene environment for learning and leisure. Prices are pocket-friendly, and mouth-watering delicacies await you. 

For more information or booking, contact Morendat via 0726-738968 or [email protected], or check out https://miog.kpc.co.ke/