Why helping a terrorist is treason

kamiti terror convicts caught

Joseph Juma Odhiambo (center), one of the three terror inmates who had escaped from a high-security jail, disembarks from the police helicopter after they were arrested, following their escape from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison in Nairobi, November 18, 2021.

Photo credit: Simon Maina | AFP

What you need to know:

  • How can these very dangerous people “escape” from the most secure prison in the country?
  • What exactly do the prison guards in charge of those convicts take their responsibility to be?

I have always regarded the idea of crimes such as treason as a very rightwing concept, unworthy of a person even with the slightest progressive instincts. Just like I believe that it is totally unacceptable for a journalist to sue for defamation, that one’s right to a good reputation is subordinate to another’s right to freely express oneself. (This is, of course, an unrealistic standard. Many times, those who defame are not doing it to express themselves but to injure out of malice or other schemes.)


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