There is ample proof that God does exist

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What you need to know:

  • The world is too large, too deep and wide for scientists to bet that there is no existence of a deity.

The existence of God is a fact that cannot be refuted. Having no reason to believe that God exists does not mean He does not.

It is a matter of one choosing to seek in order to find Him. One cannot base an argument on a fallacy and still try to prove an assumption like what atheists today are doing.

History, nature and the conscience prove this irrefutable and immutable fact that God exists, contrary to what was alleged last month by Mr Harrison Mumia, president of atheists in Kenya.

Better still, there is evidence showing miracle healing where medical science has failed to cure. Archaeological evidence has also proven the existence of God.

I paraphrase the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein, who said: “The more one seeks evidence against God, the more one sees the proof that He really exists.”

Looking at the handiwork, incredible design and finesse of the universe, we can behold the awe and wonder of its designer since there can never be design without a designer.

Besides, despite knowledge in science and anthropology, human beings can only predict what follows what in terms of the seasons and the weather patterns. Scientists can only use what is provided by the natural design to their advantage.

In this regard, therefore, we can argue that scientists discover what is provided for by nature in order to invent things for their comfort, convenience and advantage. Thus, without a designer, there could be no invention.


The world is too large, too deep and wide for scientists to bet that there is no existence of a deity. They have only managed to explore a few patches with their limited resources and imperfect common sense.

The depth of seas, land mass and their every nook and cranny still remain unexplored.

Ever since the Holocaust, the Jews have been under attack by mean-spirited people with wayward ideologies.

However, through the intervention of a supreme force, the Jews have been able to retain their identity hitherto and even control major economies, security mechanisms and technologies all over the world.

Ever since the existence of man, humans have had a feeling of duty and obligation to be good to themselves and other people. This is put in mankind by the source of all creation, God.

One thing that Mumia is not telling us is what he purports the Bible is inconsistent against. One cannot talk about a counterfeit without a superior thing to compare with.

I would like to assume that the inconsistencies Mumia is talking about are those found in the four gospels. If my guess is right, then there is a great difference between an inconsistency and a difference.

The Bible is still the most widely read, most consistent and coherent book the world over. This is an act of the supernatural being.

Whatever is initiated by man is short-lived and erroneous. That is why one sees theses and philosophies being challenged by scholars over time.

Mr Kibe is a motivational speaker and researcher. ([email protected])


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