Why it would have been better to delay independence to 2000

Jamhuri Day

Kenya flags fly at Uhuru Gardens Park on December 11, 2021.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Pride • As the country gears up for the December 12 Jamhuri Day celebrations, Thomas Yebei notes, “many Kenyans believe it could have been better off had independence been delayed until the year 2000”.

He feels “there’s nothing to be proud of on this day, as corruption, crippling debts, high cost of living, poverty, breakdown of law and tribalism take centre stage.”

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Danger • The tendency by drivers of long-distance trucks, matatus, and private vehicles and boda boda riders to switch to free gear to supposedly save fuel is risky, Victor King’ori warns.

“Besides damaging the engine, this can easily cause road accidents, especially during this festive season. The NTSA should reprimand drivers who use this unorthodox method.”

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Reliability • Davis & Shirtliff, for many years the most reliable source of quality and durable water-related equipment in East Africa, is today disappointing, says Hassan Juma.

“Its service is not as good as it used to be. The staff don’t replace guaranteed parts even if they fail within a month or two. Unless this changes, I will never buy their products again.”

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Feedback • Mobile service provider Airtel is misleading its loyal customers, charges David Githae. For over a month now, he adds, he has observed that if one buys internet bundles or air time, the feedback message that one receives is always a day ahead.

“Could someone be sleeping on the job or is this intentional?”

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Rename the Indian Ocean • On deep reflection, David Njuguna is also convinced that the Indian Ocean should be renamed. His preference is the name Indo-African Ocean.

“But it seems India is better at PR than others. India is the only country that features on the phonetic alphabet used by Nato and pilots around the world. It’s ‘I’ for India. Is it a coincidence or deliberate effort?”

His contact is [email protected]. Have a remarkable day, won’t you!